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Once in a Lifetime Externship

When I was offered this externship opportunity with the Wildlife Center of Virginia, I knew I couldn’t turn it down, even though it was on the other side of the country. WCV is such a renowned institution and one of the best places to learn and get hands-on experience with wildlife, and I have not been disappointed.

A New World of Experiences

I have known ever since I was a kid that working with wildlife was something that I had to do when I grew up. I came to an open house at the Wildlife Center of Virginia six or seven years ago and I remember leaving and thinking, “I want to do something like this every day of my life.”

Externship Experiences

My first experience with the Wildlife Center of Virginia was when I was in fifth-grade, and staff members from the WCV presented a program at Camp Albemarle. We were shown several animals from the Wildlife Center and we were told the stories of how they came to live at the Center. At the end of the presentation we were given an owl pellet for dissection. I was hooked.

Experience of a Lifetime: Osprey Re-nesting

I began my eight-week rehabilitation externship with the Wildlife Center of Virginia on May 16, and what a journey it has been! In just two months I have learned how to prepare songbird meals, exercise raptors, tube-feed opossums, and bottle-feed fawns. When asked to write this blog I had about a hundred ideas pop into my head. How can you choose just one?! Then on July 7, two fledgling Ospreys from Smith Mountain Lake State Park came through the Center’s doors.


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