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Bill: Why I Volunteer

When major shoulder surgery in fall 2010 ended my part-time career as a wine warehouse and delivery manager, it gave me the opportunity to put into action a thought I had entertained for many years – put my energy into volunteering somewhere.

Jackie: Why I Volunteer

Why do I volunteer at the Wildlife Center of Virginia?  Two years ago I needed a new place to volunteer because my daughter had left the nest, finished graduate school, and was planning to be married ... it was time to "cut the cord" and I had “empty nest syndrome.”

I Want To Be Free!

One of our regular “Cam in the Classroom” teachers recently shared a writing assignment from her third-grade students at Desert Valley Elementary [AZ]. The writing lesson introduced quotation marks and dialog; students had to complete a comic strip. The students were told that  they could make the “conversation” about anything – whatever they thought the man and bird would be talking about. One student, Esther, had this special message. As Mrs. Matheson said, “It is amazing what my students think about!”


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