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Holy Hibernators and Crazy Craniums

Hello, I’m Adam Lepold, a recent graduate of UW-Wisconsin who has a love for animals, brains, and animals' brains. Over the course of my studies, I have learned about many of the amazing abilities of animal brains that are still baffling the world’s top researchers. I’m going to tell you all some cool stuff about mammalian brains and why true hibernating mammals have some of the coolest brains.

The Other Gender Gap

I learned about wildlife rehabilitation from my biology advisor about two years ago. I didn’t know much about the field, but I want to be a veterinarian one day, working with wildlife. This externship seemed like it would be a great match, and I would get a chance to gain some animal experience. What I didn’t know was that this field was female-dominated.

Fawn-napping is Happening!

During the course of my externship, the Wildlife Center went from having two to three deer fawns to 30. The majority of these fawns came in as “orphans”; some were legitimate orphans, and some were “kidnapped”. Many people do not realize that even though you do not see the mother deer doesn’t mean that the fawn has necessarily been orphaned.

The True Story of the Virginia Opossum

I’ve always had this image in my head of the possum being a nuisance – an animal that should be chased off if it was ever found in the yard. Possums have an image of being gross, ugly, and perhaps something that should be feared. When someone would say “cute”, the last thing I would probably say was a possum … until I spent three months at the Wildlife Center of Virginia. I learned that I was mistaken.


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