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Small Actions, Big Differences

Human-wildlife conflict is an issue I’ve been aware of my entire life. From Zoobooks and National Geographic videos at an early age, to Environmental Science class in high school, to study-abroad conservation programs in college, I have learned how humanity’s activities damage the natural world and endanger plants and animals in countless ways, such as habitat loss and pollution.

I've Gone Batty!

I have worked with a variety of species throughout my life ... so when I came for my externship at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, I couldn’t wait to see what species would capture my heart.

Nature's Janitor

 There are animals in the state of Virginia that some people view as having bad reputations. These animals suffer rebukes based on characteristics observed in the field and on beliefs that people have when frightened or imaginative.

The Cute and the Fluffy

Everyone has a thing for cute, fluffy animals (more often than not, those two traits go together). If the animal is a baby, it only adds on that extra bit of adorableness. If someone doesn't like cute, fluffy, baby animals, they either don't have a heart, or they're lying. The animal I will talk about in this blog post is both cute and fluffy (in a feathery kind of way), but not a baby. In any case, it's definitely high up on the fluffy-cuteness scale. 'Twas the night before Christm ... No, wait, it was actually during the day. And on January 3. Anyway, back on track.


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