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Your Trash Smells Delicious

It’s late at night and you hear something outside. Curious, you move closer to a window, peek outside, and see a pair of small eyes looking back at you. These eyes appear to belong to an animal searching for food –  and the food it's searching for is in your trash can.

When you go outside to investigate further, you see the animal climb out of the trash can and hurry away. In the dim light, you could barely make out what the animal is –  a Virginia Opossum!

Fear or Ignorance: Learning to Respect Snakes [Student Blog]

During my rehabilitation externship at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, I learned that people struggle to understand and connect with snakes, a reptile commonly seen in our state. As an extern, I worked hands-on with non-releasable education snakes as well as patient snakes, which undergo rehabilitation with the intent of being returned to the wild. Working with snakes made me realize that, even I -- an animal lover -- initially struggled to warm up to these cold-blooded creatures.


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