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A New Destination

It is Saturday, September 12th, 2020, shortly after 1:00 pm. A thick fog blankets Rockfish Gap as my 2009 Hyundai Sonata makes it way eastward toward my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. There is a Broad-Winged Hawk sitting in the back seat. This is distinctly not where I am supposed to be.

"Painted" Turtles

Last week, Genesis came into the library and said, "We just admitted a painted turtle ."  I perked up and said, "Oh yeah? That's an exciting patient!" (because painted turtles are cool!)  Genesis responded, "Sorry, I mean a turtle that has been painted."  

"Oh, that's not as exciting."

Unfortunately, the Center sees more turtles with painted shells than you'd expect.  This one was decorated with shiny blue paint -- which appears to be spray paint.

His name was Harris

On March 14, a rabbit that had been attacked by a cat was admitted by a kind, private citizen from Harrisonburg.

I happened to be in the clinic, talking to one of the rehabilitators, when the rabbit arrived. Rayshaud, our veterinary technician intern, went into radiology to start the patient admission exam.  Instantly, Rayshaud’s gaze pointed toward me. As he held the box with this little rabbit in it, he realized the animal wasn’t a cottontail -- he was a domestic pet.  It looked so similar to a wild rabbit — I’m not surprised there was a mix-up! 

An Ode to #0088

It’s not often that one comes into contact with a bald eagle, the symbol for our nation and an animal considered mighty and majestic by many. It is even rarer, then, to be holding one of these animals tight against your chest as it fights for its life and your coworkers fight with it.  


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