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I’m glad you’ve stumbled across this new feature of the Wildlife Center’s website – it must mean you’re taking time to explore!  We’re extremely excited to launch the new-and-improved website.   While we started the re-design process in April, this new website has been an even longer time coming.

When our vice-president Randy started a “what’s new” page in the summer of 2010, the thought was to create a spot on the website that showcased some patient stories. By that point in time the Wildlife Center was already 28 years-old and had admitted more than 55,000 patients. But there wasn’t a spot on our website to share these amazing stories that we see every day, until “what’s new” came along. Randy and I would sit down a couple of times a week to have “story time” – he’d usually think of an idea for a feature,  I’d report in with the facts, and he’d write it into a story and would post it on the site. It was a lot of fun … and we were really excited to hear our open-house visitors and other supporters reference the stories featured on the website. It became addicting!

The stories have multiplied in the past two years – not because we’re treating more patients or doing things differently in the hospital, but just because we have had better means to share the stories.   The outreach department was created in the fall of 2010, and we had even more stories to share. We quickly became aware of some limitations with our former website though – and there became an urgency to make some changes.

Now, at the end of September 2012, we’re happy to reveal the new-and-improved site. I hope you’ll take some time to explore. “Critter Corner” is where you’ll find a lot of patient stories and updates – as well as our success stories, and the Critter Cam. Keep up-to-date with other news stories by visiting “news and events” page and check out “sights and sounds” – with a  photo gallery and videos. These pages will likely be the most dynamic areas of the website – but don’t forget to explore the other pages too. We have some fun new features that we think you’ll enjoy – including this blog!  Look for new entries by other staff members  in the weeks to come – it will be a great way to provide additional stories and insights into the workings of the Center – with a personal touch!

--Amanda Nicholson, Director of Outreach

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