Sitting down to write this blog, I perused the published posts from other staff, interns, and externs, pondering what I might think is important enough to share with you all. Drawing a blank, as most people do when put on the spot to write something momentous, naturally I stalled and clicked on the WordPress website. I was greeted with a quote at the head of the website;

“Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck - prompts give them a push. We publish a new one every morning. Today’s prompt word is ‘Immerse’.”

Yes. WordPress understands. WordPress recognizes my struggle. Perfect!  Now I know exactly what to write. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, you know?

Accepting a three-month education/outreach externship, for me, dwelled feelings of excitement, as well as a whole host of nerves. I’ve worked as an environmental educator at a nature center before this, and yet this experience would still be filled with “new”.

I thought of all my dream opportunities, and how this externship would allow me to achieve them; raptor handling, honing my public speaking abilities, testing my writing skills (how am I doing?), the privilege to look over the shoulders of people working in the top positions of their profession ...

… And then, the nerves peeked in, and I thought, I’ll have to adjust to a new work setting, learn everyone’s name, learn all the animal’s names and histories, learn vocabulary I’m not accustomed to, go through not knowing where anything is …

But then it hit me. What better place that the one-and-only Wildlife Center of Virginia to immerse myself in an experience that is a once in a lifetime opportunity?  What better way than to jump into this world of wildlife rehabilitation, and environmental awareness, stewardship, and conservation?  After all, every other organization to which I applied knew of the Wildlife Center and spoke of the organization with such reverence.

Sure, I’ll have to learn a whole brain’s-worth of knowledge and probably be overwhelmed in the beginning, but isn’t that what this immersive experience is all about?  I’m here to learn, and to be immersed in this world that I’m so excited to be diving into.

Immerse = Learn.

(Thanks, WordPress.)


Outreach Extern
Class of 2017