If Buttercup looks like me ...

Caring for Critters sponsorships are always popular during the holidays – they make wonderful gifts for children, adults, family, friends, students … anyone!  In November and December 2012, the Center mailed out more than 700 Caring for Critters sponsorship packets.

One “adopter”, Doris, sponsored Buttercup the Black Vulture as a gift. Doris sent us this email this week:

For Christmas, I adopted Buttercup for two young brothers who enjoy animals and wildlife, Quentin and Henry. Today I received this thank-you note which made me laugh out loud. Thought you'd get a kick out of it as well.

Dear Ms. Jones,
Thank you for adopting Buttercup for us. His picture came in the mail today. We think she and Henry look alike.
Quentin J.

And the younger brother's response:

Dear Ms. Doris,
If Buttercup looks like me, she must be the most beautiful buzzard in the world. We will take good care of her.
Henry J.

I had explained that WCV is a very special organization and I'm hoping that they will get hooked on what happens there.