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MVK: Why I Volunteer

Wildlife need advocates - those who help educate, those who inspire others to learn, those who donate their time or dollars to support wildlife organizations, and those who fight for the rights of our wildlife.

Kim: Why I Volunteer

Why do I volunteer at The Wildlife Center? Just as a general rule from a selfish perspective, volunteering seems a good way to get to do interesting things on one's own time for as many or as few hours per week as one might wish.

Bill: Why I Volunteer

When major shoulder surgery in fall 2010 ended my part-time career as a wine warehouse and delivery manager, it gave me the opportunity to put into action a thought I had entertained for many years – put my energy into volunteering somewhere.

Jackie: Why I Volunteer

Why do I volunteer at the Wildlife Center of Virginia?  Two years ago I needed a new place to volunteer because my daughter had left the nest, finished graduate school, and was planning to be married ... it was time to "cut the cord" and I had “empty nest syndrome.”


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