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My Recent Trip to Africa

A couple of months ago, I got an email from Nicci Wright, wildlife rehabilitation manager of FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She said that the organization, which treats over 10,000 wild animals each year, has been in existence for 15 years.  Yet, FreeMe was struggling to break out of its old ways of doing things and move toward the next level of excellence in both its wildlife care and its public education programs.  However, they did not know how to start.

From the Mysterious GN

As I enjoy my last few days of anonymity, I am reflecting on just what led EN/CN to donate thousands of their hard earned dollars to the Wildlife Center of Virginia in the GN Reveal/Monkey Business campaign.

My conclusion is that it had very little to do with either GN or the imaginary monkey. It had everything to do with the generosity of an online "family" and the trust they place in the Center and the vision Ed Clark had 30 years ago.

Recounting the Bald Eagle Release

We arrived at Zoar State Forest and were a little early, so we stood around for a bit, while everyone who wanted to see the release arrived. Once everyone was present, Wildlife Center President Ed Clark drove his truck out into the middle of an old cornfield owned by the forestry department, and opened the back of the truck. Ed then gave us some information on how the Wildlife Center was started, some of the work done at the Center, and where this Bald Eagle was rescued.

... Like a Duck to Water

Editor’s note:  The Wildlife Center features many patient stories in the “Critter Corner” portion of the website – but these are only a few of the thousands of cases the Wildlife Center treats each year. Each animal has its own unique story, and this story is one of a Mallard duck with which animal care volunteer Carol was particularly involved!  After she excitedly shared her release story with us last week, we asked her to write our next blog entry!


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