2017 Year in Review: Elizabeth Brooks, Office Manager

It’s time to look back on 2017! Check our blog between Christmas and New Year’s for a variety of stories and memories of 2017 from the staff and volunteers of the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

I am continuously humbled by the many things people do for the staff at the Wildlife Center. We have supporters surprise us with lunch, make sure we all get an eagle calendar, and drop off treats every week.  We also have people who help us with their time and skills.  One of those people is Kurt Plowman. 

Kurt has been a member of our Board of Directors for years, and for most of that time he has served as Secretary.  Recently he took on the duties of Chairman of the Board of Trustees for our Foundation.  And he works for the City of Staunton as their Chief Technology Officer.  But, somehow, he finds time to also be our IT guy.  Kurt takes care of our computers, the phones, the server, webcams, etc.  When I was looking back on 2017, I realized that he has done a tremendous amount of work for us this year.  So my year in review is basically a shout-out to Mr. Plowman.

Whenever our internet/phones are not working, we call Kurt.  When the webcams are down, we call Kurt.  When someone’s computer screen is doing crazy things, or the server is making odd noises, we call him.  Not only does he respond to our pleas for help, but he will not rest until he gets things sorted – often making countless trips to the Center.  On top of those normal hiccups, he did so much more this year.  He installed several security cameras for us.  We have a new server thanks to him, and he upgraded our Windows and Outlook packages.  Remember all the electrical issues we had last year with some of the webcams?  He sorted that out.  Some of us got new computers this year, which he ordered and set-up.  Kurt is calm when things are crazy, and is very respectful with those of us (me) that understand very little about how information technology works.  I am convinced he must bite his tongue when some of us are impatient or frustrated, and somehow keeps his cool and is patient with us.  It is very comforting as an office manager to know I have someone I can turn to when any of these issues come up.  Kurt goes above and beyond, and for that, he is one of my heroes.   But Kurt also works for the Staunton Police Department, often with internet crimes.  He does things like go through peoples' computers looking for some of the worst things imaginable to help victims of horrible crimes.  And that makes him a superhero.


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