2013 Year in Review: Elizabeth Brooks, Office Manager

It’s time to look back on 2013! Check our blog between Christmas and New Year’s for a variety of stories and memories of 2013 from the staff, students, and volunteers of the Wildlife Center.

One night this past January I was reminded of an old Scottish poem I had learned as a child about not being afraid of things that “go bump in the night”. I was working late at the Center and everything was dark, except for my office, and I started hearing rustling noises. There are almost always noises in the clinic, but rarely on the admin side of the building. And then I remembered that Briscoe (he was known as “Chimney Owl” at the time) was in a crate right outside my office. Chimney Owl made the best owl noises, that perfect “whoo” you learned as child, like at the end of the Berenstain Bears “Bears in the Night”. And he also would make clicking and growling noises if you got too close to him. I used to enjoy interacting with him when I had to use the fax machine right next to his crate.

We have had many animals staying in the admin side of the building, especially when they are first starting their training. And, to be honest, PEFA (Chayton) was my favorite, but no one has made noises as cool as Chimney Owl. I am here now, working late, and it is too quiet. Emma and Wilson are both outside my door, but they are way too quiet. Emma makes just enough noise that I forget she is here, so I jump whenever she decides to take a stroll around her enclosure. At the Wildlife Center one never knows who is going “bump in the night.”


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