2012 Year in Review: Congowings, Volunteer Moderator

Last year, many of our staff, students, and volunteers recounted their most memorable moments of 2011. We had so much fun reading and sharing these stories, we thought we’d do it again!  Check our blog between Christmas and New Year’s for a variety of stories and memories of 2012 from the staff and volunteers of the Wildlife Center.

The past year has been filled with many incredible memories – and most of them have included the online community. I cherish the friendships that have developed over the year and can’t express how much I appreciate the kindness that is shown over and over not just to the Wildlife Center – but to each other and to other organizations that help wildlife.

There were two “wow” moments that stand out for me this year – and they are rather simple, but to me were very profound. I don’t believe I will ever forget going to the Wildlife Center for the first time after Kjellstrom & Lee had completed the outdoor-enclosure renovations. As I stood out back and looked around I couldn’t believe how much had been accomplished in such a short time. I don’t think anyone had any idea what a difference one year would make. The changes made through the support of so many coming together are amazing to me.
The memory of walking into the brand-new A3 Flight Pen is a close second. The size of the enclosure takes your breath away. To know the birds will be able to use that large enclosure to prepare for their release back into the wild gave me such a good feeling.

I also learned something very important this year. Never underestimate how many items are available that are squirrel-related … and never underestimate how often people think of me when they see them.


Keep checking the Wildlife Center's blog for more year-end posts this week!

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2012 Year in Review

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