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My Rehabilitation Externship Experience

My experience at the Wildlife Center of Virginia has lived up to my full expectations! As a first-year veterinary student, I wanted to get hands-on experience with the world of wildlife, a division of animal care that I had limited learning experiences in up to this point. I was fully committed to the long hours and difficult cases upon receiving my letter of acceptance then I flew for the first time to Virginia to start my new journey.

A Re-nesting Adventure

On April 27, front-desk coordinator Maliah had the opportunity to re-nest two young Barred Owls. The birds had been found on the ground on April 26 at a property in Albemarle County; they were too young to be out of the nest, but the parent owls were seen close by. After a quick check-up at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, the staff decided to re-nest the young birds.


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