2011 Norfolk Botanical Garden Eaglets

In 2011, the pair of Bald Eagles nesting at the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagles were raising three chicks that hatched in mid-March. On Tuesday, April 26, the female eagle was struck and killed by an airplane at the Norfolk International Airport. After monitoring the nest for the remainder of the day, officials from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, in consultation with a number of eagle experts, met to determine a course of action. A number of options were considered, including no intervention, providing supplemental food for the chicks, or separating them for placement in the nests of other eagles. Ultimately, the biologists and agency eagle expert determined that the most appropriate response would be to remove the eaglets and transport them to The Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV).

The eagles were released on July 27, 2011 at Berkeley Plantation.

For those who are interested in a souvenir program from release day:

Photos from Release Day

WCV to Attach Transmitter to Bald Eagle

Transcript from WVEC Moderated Chat with WCV President Ed Clark [April 27, 2011]

Air Wisconsin Representative Visits WCV on June 3, 2011

NBG Eaglet Mail

Week One:

Wednesday, April 27 updates [with photos of the eaglets' arrival and pen construction]

Thursday, April 28 updates [nest construction]

Friday, April 29 updates [eaglets move into the nest]

Week Two:

Monday, May 2 updates [with Q&A about lead levels]

Tuesday, May 3 updates [weekly weigh-in and nest cleaning]

Wednesday, May 4 updates [Gloucester Eagle #110-207, self-releases]

Thursday, May 5 updates

Friday, May 6 updates

Week Three:

Monday, May 9 updates

Tuesday, May 10 updates [weekly weigh-in and nest cleaning]

Wednesday, May 11 updates 

Thursday, May 12 updates [bear sighting!]

Week Four:

Tuesday, May 17 update [weekly weigh-in]

Thursday, May 19 update [photos of adult Bald Eagle neighbor] 

Week Five:

Monday, May 23 update [NV out of nest]

Tuesday, May 24 update [weekly weigh-in]

Wednesday, May 25 update [NV lead re-check]

Friday, May 27 update[NV fledges!]

Week Six:

Monday, May 30 update [More lead results for NV and flight pen renovation preparation]

Tuesday, May 31 update  [Birds temporarily moved for renovations; NZ leg injury]

Wednesday, June 1 update [Weights and flight pen preparation]

Thursday, June 2 updates [Flight pen renovations and diagram of NZ's leg injury]

Friday, June 3 updates [Flight pen renovations continued; video tour of A-pens]

Week Seven:

Monday, June 6 update [NZ radiographs]

Tuesday, June 7 updates [NX and NV return to enclosure; weigh-in]

Thursday, June 9 update [Feeding update and NX update]

Friday, June 10 update [Photos from June 7]

Week Eight:

Monday, June 13 update [NZ radiographs]

Tuesday, June 14 updates [NZ and KS enter enclosure; weekly weigh-in]

Friday, June 17 update [Fly-by of the webcam]

Week Nine:

Monday, June 20 update [plans for the week]

Tuesday, June 21 updates [photos of A-pens; bi-weekly weigh-in]

Week 11:

Monday, July 4 update

Tuesday, July 5 update [bi-weekly weigh-in; NZ radiographs]

Week 13

Monday, July 18 update [plan for the week]

Tuesday, July 19 update [live fish]

Wednesday, July 20 update [weigh-in and photos]

Week 14:

Tuesday, July 26 update [note about release broadcast schedule]

Wednesday, July 27:  Release!